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We are a retail resort for cats and birds located in the Grantville area just east of Qualcomm Stadium at 4593 Mission Gorge Place San Diego, CA 92120.

The basis of our business concept is "symbiosis", defined as, "The close association of two different organisms, in which one or both benefit from the relationship." Each area of the Purring Parrot complements the other, enhancing the overall experience of the animals, staff and pet owner. Please stroll through our pages for a tour of The Purring Parrot.

Mission Statement: Our dedication at the Purring Parrot is to provide the highest standard of care to our feline and avian guests while they enjoy our retail amenities. Our focus is on a stress-free and interactive environment catering to the physical, intellectual, and emotional needs of your animal companions.

We carry a full line of cat and bird supplies, toys, and furnishings in our store and on-line. We only carry products from companies that use pet safe materials. We also have our own line of products which we make ourselves getting a majority of our raw supplies from local or USA only companies.
We have created something unique by combining cat and bird lodging into our retail showrooms. Each cat family stays in their own suite and enjoys the many amenities of climbing ramps, water fountain, etc. Each walk-in suite is a minimum of 4ft x 6 ft x 8 ft high with a window door to look out on to the aviary or to supervise the business. Each suite is large enough for 2 cats and staff to enter, sit down and have play time with kitty.

South suites
East suites

For our avian guests we provide out of cage time for most of the day in one of our two aviaries. Birds get to stretch their wings while enjoying their own play stand, vocal interaction with fellow bird guests, and deconstruction of their toys. They also enjoy a misting time and a snack before going to bed.

 At the Purring Parrot we want our clients to feel comfortable about leaving their pets with us from the moment they walk in. Pet owners are invited to settle their companions in to make sure they have what they need and will be encouraged to retrieve their companions so they can see the amenities they are enjoying while staying with us. If owners like the products they will be available for purchase. Guests get to try a majority of our items before they buy them.

Cats are provided a choice of high quality foods, reverse osmosis water, cat nip, scratchers, toys, twice daily housekeeping, interaction, and many other amenities.
Birds are provided with pellets, seeds, nuts, fresh fruit and veggies, cooked grains, filtered water, 'out of cage time', toys, interaction and many other amenities.


4593 Mission Gorge Place San Diego, CA 92120. Phone: 619-223-2326

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