Who owns and manages the Purring Parrot?

The Purring Parrot is owned and managed by Maria and Patrick Brinson. We decided to open up a place for our feline and avian companions because we noticed that the level of service for dogs has grown while cats and birds have been left behind. For pet owners that may not want a sitter coming into their home or may want their animal companions to have more than one or two short visits a day, we felt we could not only offer more then what is currently available but also raise the level of care for cats and birds when staying away from home.

Maria has owned and operated Maria's Cat Sitting Service since 2000 and has 7 years of veterinary technician experience from working at Cheshire Cat Clinic and the Animal Dermatology Clinic. Maria and Patrick have also done volunteer work for Project Wildlife in San Diego and Oasis Bird Sanctuary in Arizona. We are also owned by 2 cats and 4 parrots that we love dearly and you might see hanging out at the Purring Parrot. We love animals and love sharing our lives with them. We understand how stressful it can be for pets when their humans go away so we want to provide a comfortable and stress free environment where pets can feel safe and happy.

The Growth of the Purring Parrot From Idea to Reality

To help us accomplish a stress free environment we wanted to provide a lot of the things and level of attention that pets might receive at home, thus we provide many amenities.

Once we decided to provide so many amenities, we thought that maybe we should also offer those items for sale. Pet owners could see what their animal companions enjoyed while staying with us and might decide to purchase a new version of that item. All rooms are of a different theme so we can carry a wide range of products from different companies. Since we want to provide the same foods that pets get at home we decided to also make that food available to our clients. As our ideas grew so did our business plan and we eventually came up with the idea of a retail resort. We want to provide, as close as we can, the interaction, love, and comfort level our animal companions experience at home. The Purring Parrot will continue to grow and evolve with the changing needs of pets and their owners.

Our staff

SodaPop- Supervisor of Entertainment
Bean-Room Supervisor
Merlin - Aviary & Fitness Supervisor
Sunny- Toy Inspector and Greeter
Jupiter- Assistant Entertainment Supervisor to SodaPop


We strongly believe in using ABA, Applied Behavior Analysis, a type of positive reinforcement used by Dr. Susan Friedman and Barbara Heidenreich. It is a teaching and training technique that can be used with all animals and people to help build relationships and trust while respecting the comfort levels of each party involved.


"It is only with the heart one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye"-The Fox's secret to the Little Prince- Antoine de Saint Exupery